New Flat free Michelin inner tubes... I can't wait to get a

Not that I had a lot of flats anyway, but I have been running ghetto tubeless with stans sealant with zero prolems for the last 2 seasons. Tubes seem like a step backwards, but then again, tubeless isn’t for everyone. If I was one to change tires a lot, I would certainly look at some sort of durable tube system.

Michelin Protek Max: the bike inner tube that makes flat tires child’s play

Maintaining tire pressure in all situations requires a truly revolutionary solution.

The new MICHELIN Protek Max inner tube for city and mountain bikes seals itself after a puncture, considerably reduces pressure loss when the bike is not in use and is incredibly easy to mount. In this way, it responds to bike users’ three top priorities.

With its textured surface and square shape, the MICHELIN Protek Max represents a totally new approach to the inner tube. When designing the product, Michelin research and development teams deployed three technological solutions:

A textured surface

Unlike a traditional inner tube, in which a hole tends to get bigger, the MICHELIN Protek Max responds to a puncture by compressing. The hole therefore naturally seals itself through the combined effect of the tube’s textured surface and the injection of a preventive sealant that reinforces the self-sealing process.

A square shape

The MICHELIN Protek Max clings to the tire rim, while eliminating the problem of twisting. This makes the tube easy to mount.

In addition, the right component mix enables the tube to maintain maximum tire pressure when the bike is not in use.

The MICHELIN Protek Max inner tube will go on sale in January 2011.

Interesting concept, but I wonder what the weight is going to be like?

I just wonder if it will work. I’d try it out, I guess…

Brian, you know I suspect weight won’t be much of an issue. For me I’ll take a couple of extra grams in exchange for the performance any day. I love durability!!