New friends to ride with

I didn’t think it would come to this but here we go…Start of the year I built up a new bike and most of my normal crew hardly ever reaches out to ride anymore. So instead of chasing after them anymore I thought I might reach out elsewhere…I get that we all work different schedules but they still ride, mostly with other people… So I’m reaching out to some new or familiar faces. Anyone here that would like a dedicated riding guy that looks forward to every ride, will carpool with double rack if necessary, and willing to ride at nearly any pace… I’ve gone to the group rides and ride a blue Pivot Switchblade. HMU if interested.


What’s your ability? I’m always into the double blacks, blacks, and flow trails. I ride solo 98% of the time simply because I just haven’t met other riders haha. My time is limited so when opportunities to ride pop up I’m out the door right away, not worried about waiting for others in that context. But the times when I can actually plan a ride! Totally down.

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Hey dude. Yeah I can ride double black/blacks and flow and everything in between. DM here nd we can arrange something! Cheers !