New from Bedford

Hey all,
Looks like this is the year I take an interest in real mountain biking! I am pretty new to trail riding although have been riding casually for some years.
I went to the Jack lake trail area by the Bedford rifle range a couple times these last weeks and am hooked!
Just checking things out to see who and what is out there in my area.
I ride an Ironhorse warrior 2. Hard tail with basic bomber shocks and disc brakes.
happy riding,


Hey @Tomfona welcome! There’s no shortage of great places to ride and folks to ride with. We do a group ride every Tuesday night year round at different trails around HRM. These are free and open to everyone.

Or if you want to get out on your own but not sure where to go, check out our [Trails thread] ( for some ideas.


If Jacks Lake can hook you, wait until you get to ride the good stuff!


Hello and welcome to the forum. Main trail I like is whopper in Bayer lake. Going tomorrow if you want go


Thanks guys! Its great to hear back so quickly.

Shane- Thanks for the invite dude! I already have plans tomorrow otherwise I’d come out for sure. I hear that trail is named that cause it starts behind Burger King right?

I should mention to you guys and gals that I use metro transit so I’m mostly just able to meet for rides within that range. I am usually off on Tuesdays though so group rides would be cool.

Welcome to ECMTB and to MTB!

Whopper Dropper is partly named for its location near Burger King, but there’s also a big drop on the trail called “The Whopper Drop”. It’s a rock ledge drop of about 5-6 feet. Never done it, never will. :slight_smile: It does have a go-around though. :slight_smile:

I haven’t ridden Jacks Lake in years. I’ll have to check it out again this summer.

Ya that’s a big height for me too. goals eh

If you need a lift to a ride don’t be scared to post. We can’t always help but with the amount of us it’s not uncommon for one us to be diving past other riders places.

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The nice thing about the Whopper Drop is that it can be rolled or launched, both are reasonable options. However, I think the craziest thing about that drop is the time TT rode UP it. There’s also a second drop called Whopper 2 on Ribbon of Love that’s much smoother and a bit bigger.

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Please tell me there’s a video of that.

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Not that I’m aware of.

Having ridden there enough, I should know, but which drop is the “Whopper Drop”? And there’s a Ribbon of Love at Whopper?

You get to the Whopper Drop when headed in via the old entrance, it’s sort of the last major feature before you get to the exit of the Lake Loop, just before turning down towards the power lines through that rock garden. It has two ride arounds. One on the right and another on the left that has a bridge to get over a small hole. Then it’s just really a few turns before that lake loop exit I mentioned.

Ribbon is what we called the section on the left side of the main trail that leads to Shawshank. I’m sure it has another name, but that’s what we called it. Bit of a silly inside joke, but that’s what all of my riding buddies called it too so it kind of stuck.


Thanks – good to know.

I’ve watched people launch and roll it. The only person I saw roll it was too far ahead for me to get a good look at his technique. I just came out into the clearing as he rolled over. I’m amazed that it’s rollable.

Rolled it sucessfully a few times and dropped it 2 or 3 times on my Woodman D hardtail. Strangely enough never on a dually…

Now the death march drop… thats a beast!


Nice! Any unsuccessful attempts?


I dunno if my bike could handle a drop that big… I drive a iron horse warrior 3.0. Anybody here got an idea of what the limits are for this bike?

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It’s more the rider than the bike, It depends on how good you are at landing…

There’s a video on the internets of a guy doing much bigger drops on a much worse bike, of course eventually he breaks it, which is the point.

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A few… the tree on the right and myself have met on more than one occasion.