New 'old school' Ride

looks good

1992-93 Breezer Sky

Made for the British/Canadian market and was just below the Breezer Storm.

Most of the original components were gone when I got this bike so I’m planning to try to retain it’s original specs over time. For now this is what it has:

Rock Shox mag 21 ( or mag 20?) - still works!
TNT Performance Crankset - wicked light
Shimano Deore Thumbshifters - simplicity at it’s best
XTR Seatpost
1" to 1 1/8" threaded adapter for the stem (going to get some spacers so it looks better)

I plan on getting this painted and new decals next winter. Probably set it up with a rigid fork as well. It rides like a typical early 90’s bike, all business. The welds are beautiful with a ritchey drop out and it’s made of Ritchey ultralite tubing.

Sweet ride.

That’s cool. That would make a very nice SS as well. I converted my Mtn. Goat to SS a few years back and it is one of my favorite bikes.

yah, I converted my Tamarack hardtail into a singlespeed. Haven’t ridden it but its light and neat to look at.

Oooh oooh! Now I want a SS old skool ride! Nice way to build a fun rider on the cheap in the future… Or perhaps with a triple front half, and a SS freewheel??? Or even a double… Parts bin!!!