New protected lands

Could have an effect on some of our trails, like the Skull Trail at Spider Lake. Hopefully it’s good news,time will tell.

On Thursday the provincial departments of environment and of natural resources announced a major joint proposal to establish the above new protected lands, many fronting on our inland waterways and on our coast, as another important step in the “12 % by 2015” initiative. In fact, if all the proposals are approved, the proportion of protected landbase in N.S. will exceed this legislated target and reach 13 %.

Moreover, many existing provincial parks, wilderness areas, and nature reserves will be expanded. On the other hand, some existing provincial park reserves would revert to being regular Crown land, and other properties, formerly considered for protection, have been dropped. Paddlers will recognize many of the names of the proposed wilderness properties; such as Medway Lakes WA, Eastern Shore Islands WA, Rogues Roost WA, South Panuke WA, Silver River WA, and Sissiboo River WA.

Some of the proposed designations, including those on the former Bowater Mersey Paper Company lands and several with significant mining potential, need to undergo another review. Overall, the proposal is excellent, although some of the boundaries need a bit of tweaking, to, fo example, exclude well-established traditional campsites from nature reserves, where camping isn’t allowed.

I hope that as many paddlers as possible will review the massive proposal and submit either general or site-specific comments. An amazing interactive map of the entire province, chock-full with information, is available at … active-map . A list of the proposed new protected lands plus contact information for comments are at .

Dusan Soudek

Did a quick overlay of spider lake and the new proposed protected area. It looks like a bit of skull would fall within the proposed site but that’s about it.

Sounds very interesting and promising!