New Singletrack in Rockwood Park, SJ

Here’s CG on the hill she mentioned. Sorry the pictures are out of order. The uploader has issues. … es/1130/34

Last weekend we were in SJ for Easter weekend. We managed to get a bike ride in on Saturday afternoon. We went to Rockwood, rode up the road to the water tower and hung a right instead of hitting the tower. We came to this hill we had to go down to get to the powerlines. I remembered it from last year because Eric rode up it and I walked the bike up. So I get off the bike and survey the downhill. It had loose rocks larger than gravel. I thought … I can do this … and I did. Eric went down first and then I followed. Very manageable and Eric took pictures of my descent. While assessing the hill, Joe, who used to work at BikeWorks, bikes up the hill. He gave us a copy of this new map of Rockwood that has singletrack laid out on it. He told us about it and it wasn’t far from where we were so we headed directly there after our conversation with Joe. The singletrack is called Simon Says and it parallels the Sweetness singletrack at times. Very flowy in spots and not too rocky or rooty. You can get onto the Sweetness trail and head back to the main trail. That will be the first ride we do when we go back for to SJ next month. Thanks Joe!