New to MTB'ing, Trails Questions?

I’m always up for a post-lunch Sunday ride at Whopper usually. I know the shop I work at has bashguards and inner chain guides/guards that just came in. Bicycles Plus. Night and day difference. Keep trying different pressures and setups on at a time until it feels better, but remember that 95% of it comes from learning skills. Group rides are a great place to do this. Most important is to have FUN! That makes it all so much better. You can message me with contact info if you like so we can swap and gear up some rides. And keep your eyes posted here for rides as well.

Hi All,

Been road riding for a few years and just recently picked up an older Kona XC bike, with the intentions to race XC as well as road next year.

This weekend, I finally got the bike geared up and headed out for a couple rips around Spider Lake, took me a few rides to get my bearings, but I’ve found the Replicator, some of the shorter smooter single track to the left of the ATV trail, Ribbon and Skull. Now that I know where I’m going, I can focus on my riding as opposed to getting lost.

I would like to head out to the Nine Mile River Trails this weekend though, weather pending. I’ve got the directions down, but I coudln’t find any recent info on the trails. How long are they, and what are they like after a recent rain? It’s forcasted to rain later this week.

Any other suggestions for trails to get my XC feet wet? I’ve got the fitness, but the technical riding side of things needs work.

The trails are wet right now, and if we get rain it will be very muddy. Personally I’d avoid it after any rain we might get.

It’s not a technical trail, rather narrow single track with some bridges and nice rollers. Not sure on the exact length of the trail.

It seems like 9Mile usually is wet. Last summer wasn’t so bad, though.

As far as other trails go, it would depend where you live. Check out the trails section here on the 'trout for some info. There is some fun stuff on the Bedford Rifle Range hill. That can get damp as well sometimes, though. Ther is some hidden gems around too that might not be long, but can be a good spot to practice getting some skills down pat close to home. Half the fun is exploring! Try hitting up some powerlines or logging roads and see where they lead. Might have some paths/trails coming off of them. They are usually better in the wet than dedicated single track anywho. And every lake and river has a trail next to it, from critters and outdoorsy folks. Might not always be super smooth, but once ya gets the hang o’it, they will make you a killer on the race courses. Just scoot around your area and see where dead ends go. And let us know where you are so we can tell you what’s close to you.

And how old is this bike? :slight_smile:

Thanks, from what I could find it seemed as though they’re usually wet. I don’t mind the mud, but would rather not hurt the trail.

I went out for a quick spin around Spider Lake again last night. The Replicator, and early single track is great. The Skull can be tricky at times, tough up and downhills, but I’m getting the hang of it. It’s easier everytime I go.

I’m in Halifax, but I can travel to the trails no problem. How is Seaview? I know CS puts on their 'cross and short track series there. Is it a decent spot for a quick hour workout?

I do like fire roads, and I’ve heard of the powerlines, but I’m not really familiar with where they are. How are the powerline trails that start under the overpasses on Waverly Rd, across from the Shubie exit/entrance? Seems to be a popular choice for ATV/dirt bikes.

I think the bike is early 2000’s, haven’t got around to trying to date it. It’s a Cinder Cone, Deore Shifters/derailleurs, Avid V-brakes.

By powerlines, I meant the ones that go all over the province. Everyone has some close by someplace.
Sounds like a fun little bike as well. Many people have had a hoot on those things. Skull can be tricky, but it’s a great place to learn some east coast XC riding techniques. As far as Seaview Lookoff Park goes, I’ve ridden it a bit because it’s a 5 minute ride from my place. I wouldn’t drive out for it, but it is fun to wring it out for a bit there. Some smaller but steeper chutes there to get used to the hang of it. Maybe we can meet there sometime, and rip around a bit? I raced short tract there and it was a BLAST! Perfect way to get your competitive XC feet wet before the longer stuff. There is some good fireroad/powerline riding to be had around here, and the best guide I know is Doug Smith. You on here Doug??? Anywho, we have done a 90 km loop in the past that started and stopped in Clayton Park that was fun and not overly technical either. The powerlines by Shubie don’t really go anyplace other than a pit and to the Spider Lake trails anyways. I’ve ridden them, and it’s the typical muddy bits when ATV’s like it. But, some killer climbs and drops. Hit me up with a message if you like, and we can get a little ride on the go sometime.


There’s a little-used trail across from Exhibition Park which is very beginner-friendly. The only catch is about 20 min. in where the trail is cut by a water hole. You have to balance on some logs to get across. Other than that, it’s a pretty fun ride. Took CyclingGirl there a few times when she was new to mountain biking.

On the other hand, if you’re riding Spider, you might find this trail too easy. Whopper Dropper main trail is pretty good for beginner-intermediate riders - mostly solid granite surface. There are lots of side trails (Proudest Monkey, Lake Loop, Shawshank, Keddy Connector, Death March, Susie Q, Lakota Way), but they are much harder.

Yeah, I’m in the South End, so Seaview is pretty easy for me to get to for a quick rip.

I hope to race Short Track next year as well to get some close to home racing in. The only thing I really have issues with are the steep descents and climbs at Spider, going down isn’t too much trouble, just a matter of getting the confidence. Going up is tricky though when there are lots of rocks/roots to deal with as well.

Still playing with bike setup and tire pressures as well. I just switched the bike over from a triple in the front to a single 32T chain ring, but I need to find a chain keeper/catcher/guide of some sort to avoid chain drop(seems to be a tough part to source locally).

I’ve heard of Whopper, but it’s seems quite confusing without a guide, from what I can tell of the maps.

I’d like to get out for some group rides, as I’m sure I would learn a lot.