Night Ride!

We will ride tonight!!! Meet at Sportwheels and we’ll take off from here! We’ll meet at 6:45-7pm.

I can’t help but put this out for everyone for Tuesday Night! Our little beginner ride is going to be PRIMO!!! It is like concrete on the trail, but it is grippy all at the same time. Studs are great, but not needed. We are going to meet at Sportwheels at 6:45 and head out from there. Expect a great welcoming atmosphere and a good feed of Chinese food afterwards. If you don’t have a light, A few will be kicking around I’m sure, and we can share light oputput in the snowy straighness of where we are going. Leaving the Sackville Sports Stadium, going around First Lake to Second Lake, hitting some Single Track and then heading back. Man, I am STOKED! I cleared a few trees tonight, and it is gonna be STELLAR. WAAAAy better than last week. UH-huuuh!

You beat me to posting something up. I was hiking/snowshoeing at the Gorge and if the trails there are 1/2 as good it’s gonna be an awesome ride!!!

I’ll have a few sets of extra lights good to go for tomorrow evening so please do not let not having a light stop you from enjoying Cyclings’ Second Season!!!

(please call the shop 865-9033 or my cell 220-0848 if you would like to reserve one of the lights.)

Awesome ride tonight. The trails were hard and fast.

It was chilly but so worth it!!!

We continue to get 5-6 people on a regular basis for the Sportwheels Mountain bike rides so feel free to show up any Tuesday evening.

Wow. It was about time we got some awesome conditions. Good times, folks. Should try make it out next week if you’ve never been out yet.

certainly a great ride felt good ot be on the old school bike and spinning it up

We’re hitting the trails again this Tuesday January 19th. All are welcome and I have a few extra lights for those without.

Meeting at Sportwheels at 6:45ish and we’ll take off from there to our location.

Can’t wait for another ride…can’t get enough of this winter riding!!!

Awesome ride!!! The conditions were perfect for a night winter ride!! Even got the chance to ride a lake!!!

Looking forward to next week already!!

Although we’re supposed to be getting warmer temperatures the next couple of days we are still planning on having a ride Tuesday evening.

We’ll be starting off from the shop about 6:45 -7pm. I’m off Tuesday so no one will have to wait for me!

Although the sun is setting later now you’ll still have to charge you lights, or feel free to contact me if you want to borrow a light for the night.

I’m going to take a ride tomorrow afternoon to see what the conditions are. I’ll post up if they are not good enough for a ride!!

Does anyone knop a good spot close to the Sackville area that would be suitible to ride in this warm weather? If the rain stops, it would be nice to get out for a night ride still. I just don’t want to wreck the trails before they freeze up again.

The Pockwock fireroads might be rideable now.

The ride is on!!! Show up at Sportwheels at 6:45 and we’ll head out from there!!

What a mixed bag last night was! Snow, ice, slush, mud, mess, gravel, leaves and slop! Good times.

Just a reminder that we are not meeting at the shop this evening. Instead we will be going to the Real Ryde at Core Essentials as per my last email.

Once again the address is:


  • 50 Queen Street
  • Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 1G1

RSVP so that we can confirm number of bikes to prep!!

(sung to the tune of ‘let it snow’)

The weather outside is chilly,
Some would say to ride is silly,
But Aaron and I agree, the ride is on, the ride is on, the ride is on!!!

Tomorrow evening meet at Sportwheels at 6:45 pm and we’ll head out to possibly 1st/2nd Lake with some potential lake riding in anticipation for the second ice race this weekend!!

Last night was an awesome ride. Oh man, it was sweet. Just myself and Chris Sanford showed up. It was just chilly enough to be epic. Hero soil, covered in squeeky, grippy snow. I was still running studless, and I never went down once. Rode across First Lake to Kinsman Beach, along the trail to the boatlaunch and across the wooden boardwalk, across the road to the park, into the single track, down the DH section and took a detour at the bottom through the actual woods. No trail. We broke through some old dead branches and everything. Popped out on the main middle trail, headed up the hill to the road and went back across the boardwalk to the boatlaunch. Hit the lake and rode that until just behind Sackville High. Then we shot up the bank and hit the trail again. Road up to the school and rode the stairs, then back to the cars. Good times. All I had on was flannel pants, jeans, shinnies, 2 layers of polar fleece, a longsleeve jersey, under armour shirt, two layers of gloves and a full face helmet. I had a sick beardsicle on the go. Too bad you all missed it. I hope more people make the next one. Do it just to rebell against that mean old groundhog!

Should be another fantastic ride tonight! Aaron has informed me he has been working hard to clear some debris from the trails so it will be clear riding for those who show up!

Meet time at 6:45 at Sportwheels and we’ll head to the trails from there.

It was a really great ride. 6 riders and 2 dogs. Chinese afterwards was nice as well. Half of us were running studless, and it still went great. Ya gotta make it out for these, to stay in shape, to socialize and to just ride yer bike!

It was a wicked ride. Thanks for being our fearless leader Aaron!