Nine Mile River - Saturday May 31 @2:30

I’m thinking of heading to the Nine Mile River Trails on Saturday afternoon. I believe the earliest I will be able to make it is 2:30 (possibly 2:00 but not sure yet).

Anyone interested in joining? I can take another bike/person if someone needs a lift.

Will definitely try to make this… not sure what’s on the go for that day but if I can get there I will, might have acouple more folks in tow too.

I’d like to do this one again too. I won’t know for sure until later in the week though.

So I’m not 100% yet, but I may head to Spider Lake at 2:00 tomorrow and try to help out with the search. I will post up some time tomorrow morning when I decide for sure, partly dependent on if there is any new news.

I’m out. I’ve got the kiddies all day.

I won’t be out to Nine Mile River today. I may go to Spider Lake in the afternoon though.

Good luck. Wish I was free to help with the search.

I just saw on the Spider Lake facebook page they are not letting anymore bikers in. That may change later on though.

If you have maxxis high roller tires they will also turn you away as those are the tires that are on Marty’s bike.