Nine Mile River Trail Work Day Saturday April 16

Rain Friday and trails will be wet on Saturday, so why not do some trail work?

Planning another work day for this Saturday, April 16.

The weather forecast looks good - sunny with a high of 15.

…and rain on Friday will make sure we’ll know where the water’s going, because we’re doing more drainage work, this time at or near “Bog Corner”, about a 25-minute walk in.

Also planning to make a root rollover/launcher in the same area so if that’s more fun, we may do that instead. :slight_smile:

We’ll meet at the parking lot at 9:30am, and Janet and I are going to ride in, starting about 9:40. Feel free to walk in and meet us. We’ll need to ride ahead to the Ravine to pick up tools, and walk back to the work site.

Hope to see you on trail.