Nine Mile River Trails

Right on. You live up that way? Are the old doubletrack roads any good for riding as well, in an old school xc sort of way?

We were up here today for a nice snowy winter ride. I rode with my commuter rain proof gear, which was a mistake… too much bushwhacking around fallen trees through sharp-sticked trees. Anywho, it turned out being too much for a folding Trailblazer saw to handle, so we ended up just riding it. Is there a crew riding up there who looks after the place a bit? I hardly ever get out, let alone venture far from home much these days. Jim, (spin), dropped in to Timmies when he saw the truck and said he rode there before us and tried to move a few trees, but couldn’t do much.

Now, this spot is a PRIMO winter riding spot. The main-ish trail heads back to a nice lake, there is sweet, smooth, flowy single track and a healthy dose of old school double track. The foot traffic is concentrated on the first few minutes of the ride, then it’s virgin powder. Would be sweet snowshoeing and winter night riding. I’m just wondering if anybody up that way rides it at all, or if there is a buzz saw totin’ rider who might head out for things like that. I might see if I can get some time to ride up with my axe at some point. The last few storms really took a toll on it.

If I ever go pick my chain saw up from the repair shop I may go clean it up.
We have only ever ridden in there once though. It didn’t really do much for us.


It’s nice for beginners, but it looks great for winter riding! We had a blast in the white stuff. It’s a great “couples” ride as well. Specially if one rider is at a different riding level than the other.


Sue, that made me laugh.