Nine Mile River Work Day - Saturday April 10

We’re planning a work day for this Saturday, April 10, 9:30am-1:00pm.

We used up all the rocks we collected a couple of weeks ago to firm up the trail base in the muddy sections just beyond where the crusher dust ends. This week, if the base doesn’t need another layer of rocks, we’ll cap it with crusher dust. We’ll also need more rocks for the next muddy sections, so we’ll collect more from the rockpile and deliver it to the trail, and then work on the next muddy sections.

We will have tools, but wheelbarrows would be very helpful.

As always, feel free to come late and leave early. Any time that you can contribute will be helpful.


Don’t be shy folks. Come on out and support our good friends at nine mile river trails.
Rumour has it there will even be treats :yum:


The weather looks good for tomorrow.

There will be cookies. :slight_smile:

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A great day to be out working on the trail! Sunshine, mild temperatures and no bugs! Thanks volunteers!! (We can always use more mountain biker volunteers though :slight_smile: ) Very happy with what was accomplished! A few more muddy sections rehabbed.

Some photos from the day:


Thank you!!

Looks dry?

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