No XC racing at Gore this year....thoughts

So, looks like there are no XC races at Gore this year. What do you think?

I know I haven’t been there riding in over a year, but I only hear good things about the work that Tom, Shawn and others have done on the trails.

I have plenty of thoughts on the subject since I have been working and riding there since 1996 but don’t feel like posting most of them on here. bottom line is trails on private land are controlled by the land owners. the irony is that it’s a better points xc loop then an endurance course.

It too bad, having quality race courses it what keeps the sport alive, but there’s more to MTB than racing so as long as Gore will be open for riding (first Sunday of the month?) it’s not a total loss.

Whats the scoop for those of us not in the loop?

I honestly don’t know except that it’s not on the schedule. I haven’t heard on the monthly rides side of things, but certainly hope that they remain. I would like to go to gore this this year for a ride.

The larger concern is the lower number of race organizers. Fewer folks seem to be keeping the race scene alive, yet the mtb community is certainly not shrinking.

Is it a cost issue, or lack of time and motivation to organize races?

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I guess IMBA’s time could have been better spent elsewhere.

I’m sure it’s all of those reasons plus access to trails. Like holding a race at Spider Lake for instance, there could be a great course there but good luck getting landowner permission.

As an aside I’m thinking of organizing a race in 2016 depending on how the trail construction at Irishman’s Rd goes this year.

I was kinda looking forward to racing Gore this year, with it excluded from the calendar I don’t think I will bother getting a BNS membership this year. (no, this is not a deciding factor, just one of a few). First time without a license in 20+ years, gonna be kinda weird. More time for fun rides, though.

The provincial XC events were probably a good promotion for the 6 hours event, the logic being people could ride the awesome trails that Tom and his crew built, think wow those trails are awesome I am so going to do the 6 hours event as well. Now, not so much to showcase the trails to n00bs who might be sketched out about doing a 6 hour event on a sight unseen trail system in the middle of nowhere.

I think IMBA’s advice was ignored by the land owner in the first place. ( IF we are talking about their 2010 visit )

That is an awesome idea for Irishman’s road area. I look forward to riding there more this year.

@riderx we’ll be doing regular rides there this year for sure, there’s been some small changes since you were there last but there’s some big changes coming to the trails this year, if all goes well it will be prime for an XCO.

Slickrock Cycle, Cyclesmith, Sportwheels(I think), not for profit trail advocates IMBA, and an army of Trail Elves have all had a kick at the Gore can, wonder if anyone else will want to have a go?

Sportwheels had Gorefest a couple of years and then had Gorefest as well. I organized it under the ecmtb umbrella from '09-'11 inclusive (with a lot of help from some great friends). It was a lot of fun and very rewarding overall.

There is no permission from the land owner to hold the race. So that is why there is no race in Gore this year.

hey brent would like to talk to you guys about this in the near future. what is the status of the landownership of the trails you would be using?

@darkmyth check your pm’s…I would love to have help/backup for an event from people with experience and connections!