Noob MTB rider

I am new to MTBing. As green as you can be. I have been racing road bikes since 2016. Now an aspiring triathlete and now an addicted MTBer.

I have been trying to get my son on his bike and now he is nuts for biking. We got him a smaller fat bike used a few years ago, it’s borderline too small but can get another year out of it and I can’t ride trails with my road racer so I was on the hunt on Kijiji for a trail-worthy bike. I came across an ad for a Norco Wolverine Hardtail. I am not sure what year it is the seller didn’t know but the frame was in amazing condition. Shifting was a bit hard and tight so I knew right off the bat the cables needed replacing. I tested the chain with my chain tester and it was maybe 10% worn and the rear cassette was brand new! I know parts are hard to come by if not impossible.

I took it to Giant Halifax as I am on the store’s race team for both Road racing and triathlon and they got me fixed up. Replaced the pedals with some good flats as taking the old pedals to the shin was not fun! and I replaced the Seatpost since having the saddle at a 45d incline was not fun on the nether regions lol. I also replaced the disc on the back since it was a bit warped.

in 2015 by doctor told me I need to lose weight or I won’t see my son graduate high school. The next day changed my life forever. I have lost, and I gained some back. You know, beer is so tasty! I ran into health issues just before my birthday last March. I ended up being hospitalized for over a week with acute pancreatitis from gallstones. The surgeon took the ole gallbladder and fixed a hernia at the same time. My family is now telling me I am too skinny and don’t need to lose more but I need to lose 10 more so I am happy :slight_smile:

I am an older rider just getting into mountain biking, at 49 I am just getting into mountain biking and I have to say I am addicted.

I ride the nine-mile river trail mostly as I don’t know any other trails. My next want is to do the Empire trail systems and enter a few races this year. I was going to do the Bridgewater trails MTB race but I am told I already have plans.

Would love to meet some like-minded MTBers from the area that can put up with a noobie :slight_smile:

I live in Enfield so I am pretty central to most trails!


Welcome to the site!

Sounds like you are hooked too. The Empire Trails are a blast once you know the way around.

@EnfieldMTBer watch for our weekly Tuesday night group rides, we’ll be venturing out to Nine Mile River and Empire sometime soon I’m sure. Those trails are great for riders of all ages and stages and you’re welcome to join us.

PS. 49 is not old in the MTB world :smirk:


Welcome to ECMTB! As @Rolls says, 49 isn’t old - I’m 57, and a few other ecmtb’ers crossed the 50 threshold last year. My doctor just diagnosed me with a fatty liver and gallstones too, so I’ve got to work on my diet and weight as well.

Glad to hear you’re using Nine Mile! :smiley: Planning for more and better trails in the next year or two there! Always happy to have volunteers out for work days if you can spare time for one or some - I post them here and to the Nine Mile FB pages. If interested, NMR trail association meetings are on Zoom, last Monday of the month.

Sportwheels is doing beginner rides, but as an experienced road rider, they may be a bit too newbie for you. Info here if interested: Redirecting...

For newbie-friendly trails near Enfield - other than Nine Mile - Victoria Park (Truro), Irishman’s (near Windsor). Spider Lake isn’t too far - I don’t really consider it very newbie friendly though as it’s a bit rough and rooty. If you haven’t tried the Shubie Pump Track, I recommend that as well. Pump tracks are very fun!


Thanks, I am wanting to volunteer for the Nine mile trails but after my wife’s schooling. Its tough with her working FT and schooling FT so I am chief cook and bottle washer. My son can do the Nine, a bit. He hates the sidewalk as the last time he crashed into a light pole and smashed his reflector. He was upset, I told him we don’t need the reflector, he got on and kept going. I said, crashing is just part of the learning process. His pedals are bent now so I will get some replacements for him. he has no suspension but fat bike tires. He wants to get air like me but his is heavier than mine.

I am in NO shape whatsoever to do Cathedral yet. Going to try to head to Empire this weekend or do Nine but I like to go fast, guess that’s the road racer in me. Too many people on the nine-mile trail. The parking lot was FULL last Sunday when it was freezing. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing the trail getting used. Its quite spacious as you get out of the crusher dust area and I am surprised how I never meet anyone despite the parking lot being full.

As for gallstones, best thing I ever did was remove my gallbladder. I didn’t have much choice. I was Jaundice so it was absolutely the right decision. My surgeon came in from Antigonish to Truro. Dr Jad. Amazing! I just modified my diet and now cut most fat out. I cannot eat Butter (on things) or Peanut butter or Bacon anymore. If I have just a little I am running… lol. I have lost over 70lbs since last year and I feel great!


Would love to. I suspect this weekend will be lighter on the Empire trails due to the race this weekend. I may go for it despite the rain. I likes the mud sometimes.

No pressure. Whenever you get time, would love to have you. :slight_smile:

Yes, crashing is part of riding. :slight_smile:

There are a few little kicker jumps here and there at Nine Mile. All rollable if one doesn’t want to catch air. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Hemlock Cathedral trail is pretty rough. We’ll probably never bring it up to the standard of the main trail - some people love it rough, but we’ll eventually upgrade it a bit. For now our focus is on the main trail.

Way to go on the weight loss, food and lifestyle changes!

By the way, it’s bad trail etiquette to ride wet trail. It causes ruts and erosion. If tires are sinking in and leaving ruts, best to walk a section or if most of the trail is wet, it’s best to look for crusher dusted trail (e.g. Shubie or Macdonald Park or rail trails) or paved trail (e.g. Cole Harbor trails), or the rock sections of MRWA.

I was looking on Trailforks, and forgot that the Grant Road trails are very close to Enfield - not very newbie friendly though. Rough, rooty, lots of elevation change.

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You won’t get any kudos from this group for riding wet muddy trails. There are a lot of hard working volunteers at Empire (and Nine Mile) whose work you will be destroying by riding there when the trails are muddy. For wet weather rides, trails with crusher dust or hard pack surfaces like Shubie park or Macdonald sports park are a much better option.


ahh, learning something new, thanks for that :slight_smile:


Plenty of fun, green trails at The Railyard in Truro, highly recommend a visit when the trails are dry. The group rides there tend to be a tad on the quick side. Let me know if you’re heading that way, I’ll try to meet up if I’m available.

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Doing some trail work at empire on Sunday 04/31/22 @ 10 ish, on Exodus for anyone wishing to get off the couch

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I would love to help out someday. My wife is in school FT and working FT so free time is hard to come by lol.