Nooob :)

Hey guys,

Been in Halifax the past couple years and decided it`s about time I get back in the mountain biking game.
Definitely not up to date on all these new sizes and whatnot…(29er, 650B…wha!?!)
As much as I’d love to go and spend lots of money on a new bike, I’m thinking for the time being I’ll stay with used.
Can’t wait to get out and meet you all!



Welcome PteDefcon!

If you’re just looking for a cheap bike 2nd hand bike to start with I’d recommend looking for a 26er. They will be much more common on kijiji and pinkbike.

Also, make sure you get one with good components. You do not want to be fussing with dodgy drive train 5 kms in the woods. (Anything from a department store will not last long.)

What type of riding are you thinking you will be doing? Light and fast XC or tough enough for crazy drops?

You may have noticed the Pedaltrout / sportwheels weekly rides on tuesday nights. It’s a good opportunity to check out some local trails and milk some info out of some of the riders who know the area.

Some thoughts on a started bike:
Many people get along quite well with a hardtail. (squishies are funner though)
Disk brakes are a must for hastle free riding. (hydrolic is even better)
Get a hydration pack and with a tool kit and a spare tube and maybe a power link. (pump and tire levers too)

Thanks for the tips Jeff!

For type of riding I’m not entirely sure as it’s been a while and I know I’ll only be doing small stuff for now, but being able to advance and not have to change bike would be ideal.

I was recommended the Giant Reign family on pinkbike as it seems to be a good “all-rounder” so I’ll be looking into that.

I’ll definitely look into the weekly rides.

Finally back in Halifax and picked up a pretty mint 2010 Giant Reign X1.

Weather has been lacking but I’m excited to get back on the horse (starting slow and steady of course).

Time to look for some riding accessories!