November 11th - Links

It was awesome indeedy! Got to introduce a few noobies to it as well. Good times.

November 11th - The Links.

I’m heading up to the Links on Rememberance Day. I know most people have it off and I’d like to get as many people as possible out for a ride. Barry has a new line that needs some wheels to roll over it as well.

There is also talk of possibling shuttling…

On the way to the Kings’ Arms Pub for post ride food and drink we may even hit up P2/Gorge it time permits and people are willing!!!

Meet at Tim Horton’s off exit 14 about 1030am or the Links trailhead at 1100am. We will do some raking for about an hour then we’ll get down to business and ride the awesome trails. That should be about 12ish. That will give time for those whom are attending ceremonies as well.

We will be recognizing a moment of silence at 1100am in rememberance of the men and woman who have served.

Great Ride!!!

About 15 people out to enjoy the Links and P2. Awesome conditions!!

Special thanks to Colin and Dave for guiding us around and those folks from hali who made the trip up to ride the trails.

I wish we could have been there for the fun. My family who rarely visits came for the day.
Good trade off I guess.

Glad you had great weather for the ride.