NS Girls at the Trans Rockies Challenge

Those crazy gals are so inspiring! There’s nothing second place about an effort like that no matter where you fit in the pack. Good job, Scallions!

After stage one, last years Feamle Cat winners are down by only 5 minutes.
Lets send them positive vibes for a repeat performance!!

They need our help. Down 24 minutes after stage 2.

Extreme props to the Scallionators. Also to my boy Sean MacDonnell–it’s nothing new for the Scallions to hit hard like this, but Sean must have holed away on his Computrainer in a crawl space all winter to take the TransRockies by surprise! We were in shock (and overcome with jealousy) when we saw his name on the results! D-town should probably rename a lake.

According to Sean:
“I’m climbing like a mountain goat right now and my east coast technical prowess is shining through on the long decents haha I’m having fun. Today was long…30 k purely up hill to start and 71 k overall for the stage :)”

nice good luck… and have fun

After stage 5 it is not looking good for the defending champs. They are down by 40 minutes. It’s going to take a hand grenade to put them back in the lead.

Kate and Magi finished 2nd overall which is amazing considering the 1st palce team were some extremely good Pro women riders. Here’s a link to Kate’s blog of the event that gives you a really great insider account: http://k8scallion.blogspot.com/. There were some rough times had by many of the competitors!!