Old Bikes and New Trails

Well, I figured with our extremely tight schedule yesterday, the wife and I decided to ride Dingle Park just to get some riding in that wasn’t paved. I took my old Concorde Kudu Lite, and boy was I glad I did. Man, I just love that old bike. Feels right. Anywho, after warming up in the park, which was busy but did reveal some trails dispersed throughout, we rode further up Purcell’s Cove Road until we came to a curious trailhead with a few small signs. It presented to us a sweet little climb right from the road. Nice. Time to investigate…

After riding up, I lost my mind and scooted back down to collect Barbara. I told her she needed to come check it out. We rode up, and it quickly turned into a rocky, rooty, Wrandee’s type trail into the forest. I love this old school type terrain on a light XC bike. We ran into a guy and his dog. His name’s Dave, and I guess he lives close by. He told me the trails go back to Purcell’s Pond, but it’s too rough to bike it. I assumed this to mean I would like it a great deal. Also, he told us about a great swimming spot, where to pick cranberries, blueberries and huckleberries. Sadly, we had to turn back and head off to the next engagement of the day.

However, after Google mapping the area, it looks like those trails head back towards Fight Trail. Epic XC loop from home? Yes. I can ride to Herring Cove Road entrance, ride Fight, pop out at the pond, head up to the Battery Park for some exploring, scoot down to the Dingle for some good climbing and hidden singletrack, roll down to the roundabout and ride home.

Let’s hope this weather holds for a while!