Opinions on Exposure Bike Lights

Thinking of buying 1 or 2 used Exposure brand bike lights, just wanted to get peoples opinions on them and see if they’re a good deal or not. I put a couple pics of them below.

No experience with that brand, but personally I wouldn’t buy a used light, especially 10 years old. The battery may not even hold its charge anymore.

Lights have gotten much better over the years. For less money you could get a new light that will weigh less and put out more lumens.

For example…


I would definitely go with the newer tech. From my power tool background especially reviewint products its night and day seeing a large light going from 300 lumen to something half the size now produce upwards of 1200 lumen.

My only beef with bike lightw is either having the light and battery pack all in one so they become unbalanced. Causjnt it to rotate on uour bars…

or a seperate battery pack that connects via cables which can get caught up on things in tight trails

I picked up these recently, as I found my 10 year old magicshine 808’s battery was starting to fade. Only a few rides in with them so far but they’ve been working well.

Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL all day!!!

I’ve got 2 Lifeline 2000 lumen. It’s only about 3-31/2 inches long and not very heavy. You won’t be disappointed.

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Something else to consider is do you want bar mount or helmet mount. The picture looks like bar mount only. Most mtbers around here seem to prefer helmet mount.

In my opinion you should have 1 on the bars and 1 on the helmet.

Just my opinion tho


With 2000 lumens, it doesn’t matter. Lol

I picked up a Blackburn Dayblazer 1500 recently, loving it so far. It’s one of the few I could find that has a replaceable battery which should add to its longevity. Nice & lightweight for the power and battery life.

I’d be careful with the cheap high-lumen lights, I bought a couple of sets years ago and aside from the danger of them lighting on fire while charging, the battery life dropped off dramatically after a couple of years to the point I’m lucky to get half an hour on medium power. The battery packs are also exposed to the elements.

Same as Derek said, I would stay away from any used electronics that take a battery, particularly if it’s older.

But when hitting jumps in the dark you cant spot your landing with only handlebar mounted lights :rofl::man_shrugging: And if you only have a helmet mount and you’re spotting your landing it looks like you’re jumping into the abyss :rofl:



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