Ordered my Fatbike!

Put my bike in the order book at the shop. One RSD Mayor, coming up! Won’t be here until April, though. Boo. So begins the wait, but in the mean time, I am getting my stoke on! Now I won’t worry about trails, as I won’t even need one! LOL. Let the explorations begin…

Interesting . . . an RSD Mayor. What do they list for?

They are MSRP’d at $1850. Specs are in the vendor topic. Can’t wait to go fat, full time!

WOW !!!

Carbon front fork
Vee snowshoes
190mm rear spacing
Some race face stuff

Thats a decent bike !!

Looks like a fun bike.

Hold off and get one of these.


That looks like a weird idea let go too far. Fatbike would run circles around that. Still kinda cool, but, meh.

Also, I am now actually going to get one from the first shipment, due here any day now!

Post some pics when you get it !

Everyone is getting one around these parts now. I think we’ve got 12-15 in Fredericton.