Otter Lake Trail

Eric and I managed to get a ride in Friday night on the trail next to Otter Lake off the highway. It’s fairly level with the occasional hills with loose rock, big rock surfaces to roll down or ride up, and even some old paved sections with the odd large puddle to get around, or go through. It was our plan to hook up to the trail at Old Coach Road, do that loop and head back, but there is alot of clearcutting going on further in with a barricade cutting off one road and another road with too much water to go through. So we turned around and headed out. It was a good ride that wasn’t too strenous and yet another opportunity to practice skills. I rolled over rock gardens, powered through large puddles and up rock ledges. I followed Eric over most obstacles instead of taking the “easy way” and find I am enjoying mtn. biking even more now that my skills are improving. I think Eric is enjoying watching me tackle more obstacles and keeping up with him.