Our labor of love

Don’t let Jim out there unless you want a whole bunch of fun trails around all over the place! :slight_smile:

sounds like fun Troy you’ve always built quality trail systems

I’m sure the combo of you and Sue will make supurb system

I want to ride this sooo bad sometime. I need some free time…

Can’t wait to try this out guys. Maybe in the fall.

You get me all excited talking Dirty like that Bib.
I think taking the easy way up is the way to go.
Are you going to keep the old climb open for a way down, making a little loop? A
I would like to give you a hand.
A anytime your planning on going up send me an e-mail or call
You might be able to getl up a few more folks if you post up your own trail day.
I may have to start pulling tools out of Spider stashes soon because of the logging.
So I will have to many to keep at home and could store a set out there