Parts for Sale - Updated

Praxis Alba gravel compact 48/32. 24mm spindle for BSA BB. 48/32 chainrings with limited use. $75


I’ll grab the assegai tire off you

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Hey Craig, not sure if the Guide R bits are still available, but if they are i’ll buy them.

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Ug, tapered steerer.

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Tire is sold already?

The Assegai? I’m holding that for you. Send me a PM and we’ll set something up

No v-brake posts either.

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order a new CSU from Fox–problem solved

It’s been a while but aren’t they $600?

not that much.

Manitou Markhor Comp – S4 Suspension or order one of these

I have a very similar fork. 2011 32 150 fit, but with the talas removed and a straight steerer tube. I wonder if I could use my CSU with the bottoms of this fork? Any experts know?

I thought of doing that but the reason I’m even considering replacing it is that the csu is creaky cracky. Holding out for a lottery win and then its new bike all the way.

I was thinking it would be great for spare parts. But I need to stop collecting 26" parts at some point haha.


I am new to this and see the SRAM Guide R brakes have been spoken for. If for whatever reason you still have them I would buy them.

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Supercraig, looking for a fork to replace one that went kaput on my kid’s Giant Trance. This would fit. Wondering when I might be able to come have a look. I’m a shift worker and won’t be off until Monday but if it works, I could swing by on Saturday…

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It cost me $240 + tax for a black ano replacement for my 2019 34s.

Huh, not bad. Still more than I’m willing to spend though.