Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike Ride - Aug 13th

The Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Rides are suitable for anyone. We welcome all ages and skill levels. All you need is a mountain bike in working order and a helmet to enjoy the ride.

Lately we have had some really nice weather. Since our last foray into Powder Mill Lake trails didn’t end up so well, I’d really like to try it again.

The parking/trailhead is located off of Rocky lake Drive. If you search on Google maps it is misspelled as power mill lake park.

We’ll meet at the trailhead at 6:45 and hit the trail at 7pm.

if you have lights, you might want to throw them in your bag just in case. We lose light a little sooner now, shouldn’t need them, but never now.

I’m not 100% sure I’ll be free yet, but does anyone have a bike for rent/beer?

Hell yes…Just show up and there will be a bike available.

Good ride.

6 turned out and braved the rain. We took a vote and switched to the sport park because of the conditions.

1/2hr in and the rain stopped and it was pretty good. Total 11.6kms.

It was a fun ride, I’m really glad we decided to push on despite the weather.

You guys looked a little wet when I drove by you guys in the subdivision.

I vote for Powder Mill Lake trails for next weeks ride as I really want to check these trails out, and I will have a bike!

I thought I saw your Jetta drive by.