Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly Mountain Bike Ride - Feb 26th

The weather is perfect for winter riding! The main trails are packed down and hard with some ice in sections. We are planning on riding this week at our regular time of 7pm.

Location is still up in the air. I am heading out this evening and will check the forecast for tomorrow as well. Wherever we end up it’s going to be a blast!

As I have recently found out make sure you check you backpack for the necessary tools and replacement bits (tubes, etc). Especially if you’re riding studs, flats happen.


Yes. Check your packs. And bring extra zip ties!

Spider Lake will be the location for tomorrow evening.


Studs would be very helpful, but based on the ride a couple of days ago there, not necessary.

Very fun ride. The trails were in great shape. Hard pack with some ice, but not much. Ran into another crew out riding this evening. Super awesome conditions with an awesome moon made for a fantastic ride!