Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly mountain bike ride - June 25th

Hey all,

I’m posting up super early as I’m going to Sugarloaf to do some DH riding this weekend.

Looks like we are getting some summer this week, so I’d like to ride the Cobequid trail System this coming Tuesday. This is a new trail system being built by our friend Ken Perry. It has lots of singletrack, a couple of wooden structures and some rocks thrown in for good measure.

I’ll post up directions when I return on Sunday.

When: Tuesday June 25th 6:45pm
Where: Cobequid Trail System (directions to follow)

I’m looking forward to this ride as I know Ken and crew has been working hard on these trails.

Nice, I’ve been looking forward to this one.

Cool, I would like to join in…I will watch for directions.

K…here are the directions.

Take highway 102 North towards the Airport.
Take exit exit 7 Enfield/Oakfield/Wellington
Turn Left at the end of the ramp
Take first left Grant Road
Proceed until end of the road and park and then enjoy the ride!

Also expressed as:



[quote=“JeffV”]Also expressed as:



Or there abouts… hahaha

Can’t get more precise than that Jeff!

Don’t forget your bug spray and lots of liquids as it’s gonna be a schweaty ride… :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“JeffV”]Also expressed as:



Or there abouts… hahaha

Can’t get more precise than that Jeff![/quote]

Plug in the numbers and let the great goog take me there. (Works most of the time.)

Lots and lots of water should be brought this evening.

I’m in now, so you guys can feel free to bring me some parts. Lol

what an awesome ride, don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people on a ride. the trail is awesome, kudos to Ken and the guys putting in the time and hard work.

Big thanx for all who came out… it was quite the turnout. All levels and ages.

Ryan, I apologize, but I didn’t clue in that you made the ride last night… was probably talking to ya but was having a hard time registering all the new faces. Hope you enjoyed the trails :slight_smile: