Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weekly MTB Ride - April 1

Yup I know what day that is. April Fools’ Day and the weather is certainly going to be playing us for fools.

We are expecting a wet/snowy day as of now. That won’t stop me however, and I will at least try to ride unless it’s really nasty. It is going to have an impact on where we ride though. I’m thinking of trying Shubie Park this week to get our legs moving. If for some reason, the conditions are just too much, we can always grab a beverage somewhere close by and talk about biking!

So, the bottom line is:

Where: Shubie park - parking lot at end of Shubie park Drive, by the theatres
When: April 1st 7pm

We haven’t really needed our lights until the end of the ride, but make sure they’re charged up regardless. Wear some clothes that will keep you dry as well.

See you on the trail.

If it wasn’t for the road salt, or if I had a van, I would join you. I’ll be shredding 2nd Lake on le Fatty. Avec my thermos. Have fun. Or… Join me? Might be too late. LOL. RIDE YOUR BIKES!

Sorry for not posting my absence, but things came up today to prevent my attendance. My apologies.

No worries, we still had a great ride. :wink: