Pedaltrout/Sportwheels Weely Mountain bike ride -July 9th

After a beautiful weekend we should all be very eager to get on our bikes and ride.

Even with the showers Monday and Tuesday the trails should still be fine to ride.

This will be Anthony’s last ride with us as he is returning to NFLD. Let’s get out and give him a proper send off.

This week we are going to go to Spider Lake. For those new to the trail it is located on Spider Lake Drive off of Waverly Road. the trail is a mix of mostly Singletrack with some Doubletrack as well. The singletrack does have some technical sections and some short climbing sections.

When: Tuesday July 9th on the trail at 7Pm
Where: Spider Lake

Might come out for a ride to celebrate my 50th tomorrow…


[quote=“muddy”]Might come out for a ride to celebrate my 50th tomorrow…


Don’t be so hard on yourself Kirk, you don’t look a day over 49… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedaltrout is also accepting donations of your empty bottles or cans. We will be using these funds to pay for things like our annual server fees etc. If you have any empties you’d like to get rid of, just bring them on the ride or let us know and we will work something out to pick them up.

I still haven’t heard from anyone about a Banner yet. I’m glad to donate

Re Banner: I replied to the thread and thought maybe you got busy :slight_smile:

I might not be there tonight but we can talk whenever you are ready.

By the way, Happy Birthday Muddy!

Fantastic Ride at Spider last night. Great turnout and great food post ride. It was good to see Anthony one last time on the Pedaltrout group ride. Anthony, you will be missed, but I know you’ll be back to visit. I’m thinking a trip to NFLD is in order as well.