Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Ride - April 23rd

Let’s ride First Lake/Second Lake this week. For those unfamiliar with the trailhead, we meet at the end of the parking lot of the Sackville Sports Stadium.

The trail consists mainly of doubletrack with a real treat added. There are a couple of singletrack sections including a fresh trail renovation that is sure to please!

These trails are a great early season, or new to mountain biking type of trail. We welcome anyone who would like to join us regardless of age, or experience. Come out and enjoy the ride!

I may be in this time, if someone had a spare light I could borrow if we still need then?

I will pack an extra light Ryan, no issues!

awesome, thanks! I may have another guy coming too

what time do these rides start at?



are you guys still planning on going if it’s raining?

someone shows up no matter what.

Ok sweet, I’ll be there

Pretty good ride, nice to meet some of you and get out for a ride. I look forward to getting out on some more rides, in better warmer drier weather! haha