Pedaltrout Weekly Mountain Bike Rides - April 9th

This Tuesday we will be heading to Whopper to test our skills amongst the rocks.

Although it’s staying dark later now, it is still necessary to bring a light to get out!

Where: Whopper
When: 7:00pm

Last night was a “fun” ride. 4 of us showed up, it was sleeting/freezing rain. We rode about 50 minutes, 5ish KM. But the granite was in excellent shape!

To the 3 ladies that showed up last night: Sorry about that. Given the weather and your level as beginners it just would not have been an enjoyable experience. I went with being honest, versus turning you off mtn biking for ever. Next week and following weeks we’re going to pick much more friendly spots for the Tuesday night rides. THanks for showing up , really looking forward to riding with you fine folks.

What!?!?!?!?! There were ladies there?!?!

Dammit! I missed out again