Pet Peeve

Rally_kia : amen about the cans. I’m going to start bringing a garbage bag with me into barret woods. Tonnes of nice spots shitcanned by kids. I’d like to put up signs saying “we know you drink here, at least clean up your shit”

So Rockhopper and I went down to the skate park last night. No one else was there to begin with. We headed for the middle bowl right away and found broken glass in it. We were disappointed that we couldn’t ride so we rode around the other parts of the park. Then along came three skateboarders and one of them took a branch with leaves and swept up the glass. How creative. My pet peeve is why do others have to abuse environments that others use and enjoy. It is upsetting. The skateboarders enjoyed the bowl and then when they left, we had our turn.

Many people live in a world of population “me”. It’s sad, really. Same thing when I find awesome little spots in the woods that are just piled with broken booze bottles. I hate that. Should only come in cans because of the idiots who like to get drunk and break things.

I hear you. And in that case, people who bring their dogs along on their hikes or rides may have their pet walking in areas with broken glass without knowing it. It’s awful.

not only will the skaters sweep up broken glass day in day out, when winter comes, i assure you if the snow has been shoveled out, you can thank a skater or two.
i wish the police would stop harrassing the skaters so the park would get used for it’s intended purpose, in stead of being a hang out for the undesirables. what’s worse is the skaters get mistaken for the idiots and as an end result get no respect from nobody.