Petition for Cape Breton Cycling

Our good friend Jacques Cote sent this our way to help grow the cycling community in Cape Breton. If you are a cyclist in Cape Breton or plan on riding there in the future, it’s worth a view:To : CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke

Whereas on June 17, 2008 the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) gave approval in principle to an Active Transportation Plan with an estimated cost of $20 million over 20 years;

And whereas the AT Plan (Active Transportation Plan) was a shared initiative of the CBRM, the N.S. Department of Transportation and Public Works, the N.S. Department of Health, local District Health Authorities and Velo Cape Breton;

And because the benefits of active living are found in improved personal health and a cleaner environment;

And because residents of CBRM want their municipality to be a place of social, cultural and economic diversity;

And because the economic future of CBRM depends upon making it a desirable place to live, with infrastructure suited to the needs and priorities of the 21st century;

And because we are frustrated and concerned by the lack of progress with the AT Plan and the absence of any significant infrastructure improvements;

Therefore we, the undersigned, petition you

(a) to investigate and pursue the implementation of the AT Plan with your planners, engineers and staff;

(b) to ensure the reasons for past delays are rectified

© to focus the efforts of all who are responsible for implementation on measurable achievements

(d) to dedicate the necessary resources to CBRM’s AT Plan

We humbly suggest that by doing so you would demonstrate the kind of leadership which will make our municipality a more desirable place to live and work.

Please support this movement by signing the letter here: