Pickled Eggs!

Don’t make them, but I eat and love anything pickled. Whether it be eggs, herring, onions, peppers, beets…it’s all good. Don’t forget to send me some for Christmas…got you message last week too. Will respond with pics of the kudo. Have a great weekend all.

So, who else loves/eats them besides me? I just tried my first homemade batch, and man, are they good. Just as good as anything I ever had before. I kinda want to eat more of them now. I will be taking them to work in the future as well. Leave a batch at the shop. Never know when one might get a craving. I also know what all my friends are getting for Christmas!

Anyone else here make them?

I can honestly say I’ve never had a pickled egg. I used to frequent a bar in St. John 's that always had a big jar of them, but I was never brave enough to try. Seeing as I always have a plethora of eggs, maybe I should (wo)man up and give them a try.

You should! They are so good. And they are a quick, delicious snack on the go. And if you HAVE chickens, well…

They are epic. Some crazy recipes out there, but so far I just prefer regular old pub style ones. Kinda tastes like salt and vinegar chips with egg. Like tomatoes, ya gotta sprinkle some salt on them before they go down the hatch.