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Hey everyone,
Im new to NS moved here from NL about 6 months ago. Been trying to find some dh trails. Im currently living in dartmouth, and heard of a nice fast trail with jumps at shobie park but i could not find it anywhere i rode.
Just trying to find some good trails, in or around dartmouth/ halifax area or even just outside those places that are not too far away.
Any suggestions, or pics, or maps to help me find some trails would be greatly appreciated!

Also im new to this website so hopefully i posted correctly
Thanks all.

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Best place for proper DH (with shuttle!) is Keppoch near Antigonish. Not that close unfortunately but worth the trip.

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Oh okay thank you, i will look it up!

Welcome to the site, Yisbah!

While it is not DH territory, check out MRWA trails (fight trail) for some gnar and fun. It dries up quick and has some unique stuff. May not be great for a full on DH rig, but if you have something that can climb a bit it is worth the trip.


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There’s some mild DH-ish riding to be had at The Range trails in Bedford, as well as a small but good jump section to the right of the entrance:

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I think what you might be looking for is line 24 which is not actually in shubie but down the end of the lake Charles extension. There are definitely some jumps and features. Some of the stuff is out in the open but there are also trails off in the woods with more But they have been built as a trail designed to only be riden in one direction for safety reasons so follow the signs posted by the builders.