Poll: To Fat Bike or not?

  • On order
  • Got one already
  • Maybe next year
  • No plans on getting one

I’ve ridden one, and it is pretty cool. I can’t see it as an only bike, but certainly as one of the bikes in my stable.

I love the idea of riding in snow easier than my current setup (which works fine, but can be improved), but road riding or rails to trails are a whole lot easier on my gravel grinder/adventure/cross/touring bike. I also like my full suspension for quicker DH riding.

Starting religious wars are we?

I had a lot of fun riding a friend’s fatbike, pretty amazing what you can go over with one.

LOL…no, just interested in what people think. The bike manufacturers are jumping on board and I know it’s become very popular in certain pockets. Here in the valley it hasn’t really caught on yet.

I can barely afford to keep my current bikes up and running but if I had $2K burning a hole in my pocket sure why not they do look like fun.

[quote=“bent6543, post:6, topic:2756, full:true”]
I can barely afford to keep my current bikes up and running[/quote]

I hear that! Between my bikes and now my son’s two bikes it seems like I’m always in maintenance/repair mode of some sort! :smiley:

I hear ya…I still need to thin out the herd a bit to afford my new bike coming in January. The good news is that fat bikes are coming down in price as well. A base model starts at about 1000ish. It’s still 1000 bucks which is out of my budget…for this year.

Used to be that I trying to maximize my bike count in inverse proportion to the rate in which my wife notices the bike count. Now she’s amassing bikes at a rate equal to me. So it’s not a problem of ‘getting it past her’ it’s a matter of getting it paid for before she buys another herself!

I’m trying to decide between a ‘good’ XC bike that I could race and a fatbike to play on year round as a 3rd bike…of course, if I actually get off my ass and race CX next year, I’ll need something for that, too…