Price check- 2013 Giant Trance X2

I’ve got a 2013 Giant Trance X2 that I’m going to sell. All stock, Shimano 3x10 drivetrain and brakes, Fox suspension. Just curious what folks think would be a reasonable ballpark price? It’s definitely not mint but in good shape, typical wear and tear. Has been a “guest” bike that I lend when friends visit.

What size is it?

Size small I think. Pretty sure there is a sticker on the frame that suggests riders 5’2" to 5’8" but I can check and confirm. I originally bought it for my partner but biking just isn’t her thing unfortunately.


@bent6543 posted this link the other day, should give you a rough idea

I would look it up on the buy and sell on Pinkbike. Usually you can get a feel of what it might be worth.

Yeah, couldn’t find the exact model there but they do list the 2012. Listed as $898 - $925 in good condition.

@Wayners same thing on Pinkbike, couldn’t find the exact model/year but prices for similar vintage/model were all over the place and generally seemed high to me. In this market with fewer riders = less demand I’d be thinking more like $650.

Maybe I can blame using my phone, but it looks like the ‘value’ on my 2012 Defy is basically the MSRP from 2012. Not seeing the current ‘bluebook’ on it.

You have to click that to go to the next page. It will give you the current value based on condition of the bike.

Went to desktop site and found it, thanks!

$650 would probably move it. I just sold my 2011 Trek Fuel ex8 for less than I would have liked but you are right about the small market. It would be a great bike for a youngster. I would definitely consider it but my boys are a bit big for a small.

Yeah, pretty sure the frame sticker suggests 5’2" to 5’8" so definitely for a younger or smaller rider… I’ll have to confirm that tonight.