Props to local business

Got a bunch of the lumber out at Coasters place to cut into rung length. Was out on the trail today finishing the frame on the bridge. Srapp, do you have a sledge hammer? The ramp rock needs a bit of ‘tweaking’.

There were also some 4x10 rough cut timbers next to my pile that the yard foreman said would never be used and could be gotten for cheap. Will have to follow up on those…there were 12 footers and some 16 footers.

Just wanted to give an acknowledgment and huge thanx to Elmsdale Lumber for providing another skid of hemlock lumber for Flight Path.

It’s amazing what people will help with if you only ask…


Nice job. We all know where to spend our dough next time we renovate!

sharping chainsaw, cleaning hammer, and chopping at the bit.

guess it wont let me edit that to sharpening. Sunny sunday