PSA: Park parallel at the cul-de-sac at Fight Trail to avoid getting a ticket

Parking cops out in full force ticketing people parking perpendicular to the curb at the cul-de-sac trail head for fight trail - May 23 2020

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That’s incredible. Here’s my read on it:

  1. This speaks to the need for a proper/official parking area at this, or a nearby, trailhead. Demand for these trails has far exceeded expectations I believe.
  2. This may have been called in by resident(s) and enforcememt is there to ‘thin the herd’, enforce bylaw and make a few $$.
  3. How times change. I recall a MRWA board member specifically asking me to park perindicular there two years ago to accommodate more vehicles. The popularity and growth of the MR Singletrack has created evolving challenges. This is a good thing- people of all ages, abilities and preferences are LOVING these trails.

Gotta get that Hartman Park entrance in!


Got back from the fight trail and the city was there ticketing cars parked in the cul-de-sac. We were told that you must park parallel to the curb. There were many tickets being handed out and she was taking pictures of all cars that were parked perpendicular. She said she would be back later in the day and tomorrow to check on compliance

Stupid but a law nonetheless

Hopefully this saves everyone some cash


That really sucks, especially since you can fit way more cars in the cul-de-sac parked the ‘wrong’ way and there would be less cars parked along Alabaster, but those are the rules.

Parking down near the rink and riding up thru the community trail is a good option and it’s a great warmup so you’re good to go once you get to the trail head.


This is what we’ve been doing. Or, park on the Norawarren end and ride in from there.


I park on River road. Your first left after turning on to Drysdale. Community trail is right there to take you into the thick of it.


I saw them drive past twice last Friday too but they didn’t stop to speak to anyone.

On that day there was a mobile tire service guy taking up a whole lot of parking.

My buddy Neil talked to parking enforcement who were there today, and their reasoning was “we were told to ticket here, it’s because a fire truck can’t turn around if the cars are parked like that.” Honestly, what fire truck is ever going to try turning around in a cul-de-sac in which there are no actual homes? Sounds like we’d need a campaign of people to write to the Councillor in that area.

Yeah, fight the good fight.

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You can get a pretty good warm up ride by riding some of the old long lake trails into long lake park to Dentith road, cut in behind the Canadian tire past the spry centre (brief stop to get radical at the skate park) cross herring cove road by the halal butcher onto the mcintosh run trail before you cross the bridge and head to the cul de sac.


I’m curious who owns those lots near to cul de sac? Why not open a good parking lot like BLT Coke plant? :thinking:

But there’s no profit in that :frowning:

I don’t mind paying for parking at the same time maintenance fee for the trail. If we want to park close then pay, if not park somewhere free for public.just my 2 cents.

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If you want better parking for the McIntosh Run Trails, get in touch with your Councillor and tell them to support the Parks and Recreation budget for Recreational Trails in the 20-21 budget, going to a vote on June 9th. If approved, MRWA will receive $50,000 for trail building and Parks & Rec will invest $50,000 to study and design trailhead infrastructure for the McIntosh Run Trails, including parking.