PSA - Provincial and Municipal Parks are a NO GO

With the current announcement by the province of NS, all provincial parks are off limits for the time being.

I have also been informed that Burgess Mountain AKA Woodville in the valley is off limits by request of the land owner. This must be respected and adhered to.

Please stay safe and respect the law, and wishes of land owners.


All Municipal parks are also off limits like Shubie and Victoria Park ect. edit: All Municiplal trails in HRM are closed.


Thanks. I meant to put municipal in there as well.

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Update from Chuck for clarification, this is good news!


Down in the comments Chuck also says if you can walk to a trail you can use it… so WTF?

Screenshot_2020-03-22 Chuck Porter -

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Is our Premier an idiot? “ You walk to exercice, not to socialize.” Obviously has no friends. IMO

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There were about 20 cars parked by the BLT entrance in our subdivision yesterday.

I’m not sure if they were part of a group or individuals, but it looked wrong considering.

Think he was stating it as a “moving forward”, not as a statement of fact lol


From the town of Kentville

Stay home as much as you can folks. Its the safest option for every one.

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