PSA: Wicked deal on Fat Bike ready roof trays sub $140 each

Hey guys! I have no idea how long this deal with last so I snatched up 2 of them but the RockyMounts Tomahawk Fat Bike ready roof trays are on for 37% off down to $133.29 from $211.00.
Its a wicked deal for anyone looking for a cary any bike down to 20" solution so I thought I would post the amazon link here:

• No bike frame contact - simply ratchet the hook over the front wheel and secure the front/rear wheelstraps
• Fat bike ready (up to 5" tires) out of the box. Includes two wheel strap extensions
Swingarm easily adjusts for driver side and passenger side installation
Mounts to all styles of crossbars - round, square, factory, aero
• Holds all styles of bikes, 20 - 29" wheels (except those with front fenders)
• New Easy-Load wheel straps make loading bikes easier than ever

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