Pump track in Beaver Bank

Perhaps that is it. I’ll re-judge in about a month if i can get any speed out there :slight_smile:

The one just past the fire station by the ball field and skate park… who build that?

Its on a flood plain and never dries. They need thier head examined :slight_smile:

I toured a few bike parks a few weeks ago. That one was pretty much underwater. Didn’t realize it’s always that way. There is a pump track off of Delaney Drive. It was too soft to ride properly when I was there, but it might be good when dry…

Yeah the one in beaverbank seems very poorly maintained. Its grown over already and the pumps are quite far apart. it seems like someone said “lets just pile some dirt and leave” :slight_smile:

I don’t think that park’s meant to be a pump track. I think they’re supposed to be small jumps.