I found I was using the skills from the pump track on the ride at 9 Nine Mile River. There are great berms on the trail and you can use the same pumping action when ride that trail. Cool!

I’ve discovered pump tracking in the last couple of months. If you haven’t tried it, you really should. It’s accessible to all levels of mountain bikers, and all kinds of bikes.
So far, I’ve tried three tracks - Mt. Edward, Glenbourne and Victoria Park.
The easiest and smallest is Mt. Edward in Dartmouth. The humps are fairly small, but the berm at the far end is the hardest part. To ride it well, you really have to lean the bike over hard.
Glenbourne in Clayton Park is pretty cool. Bigger humps and interlocking loops that give more variety of routes around the track.
The Victoria Park pump track is a little hard to find. It’s at the top of the park on the road into the water treatment plant. It seems to be on a bit of a slope, so it’s easy to ride one way, but really hard to ride the uphill direction. I’ve never been able to pump all the way around yet.
I think pumptracking has helped my trail skills a bit. I pump the little humps around trails better, and it’s helped my steering on terrain.

It is fun and I like that one style of biking can help in other forms of biking. If I haven’t said it before … biking rocks!

I took Barbara to Glenbourne to try it out. She was having a hard time because she sat and pedaled. I showed her the basics, and before too long she was scooting around and having an audibly apparent great time. I’m sure it will help her to get through a lot of the stuff at Spider Lake a lot easier and with more confidence. It already showed at Gore how it has helped her.
She wants to go back to the track more in the future. :slight_smile: