Push Bikes

I’m in the market for a couple of balance bikes for 2yr old & 4 yr old boys (not a rush, they’re not holiday gifts). If anyone has someone in their house graduating onto something else in the next couple months or just collecting dust I’d love to buy it/them!

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Pretty sure we still have one in the garage. I’ll have a look tonight and let you know.


Awesome. Thanks.

Sorry, apparently it already went to one of the neighbors.

Not to worry. Thanks for checking.

I have a micro balance bike 12mth+ and a skuut for 2yr+.

My kids loved them. Micro in great condition. Skuut is pretty good. Has hit a few jumps so some skuffs!

I am definitely interested.

Got one here a little beauty. Well used but free to a good home

Free 100% fits our budget right now haha

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