Radio Controlled Helicopter

Thought I’d try my luck here as swatting Kijiji Trolls is getting tiring!

T-Rex 500 ESP Super Pro Combo, Tools, 3 Li-Po’s & Spektrum Rx
Bought the kit a couple of years ago and never got around to building it. Everything is brand new never used. Heli kit includes all the servo’s, motor and ESC. Li-Po’s are kept in climate controlled area and have been cycled every few months to maintain, all cells are balanced perfectly. Buying this stuff new would cost you over $1000.

Heli info can be found here: … X017011#t1

Lipo info here: … N33006S25C

Willing to trade for a decent entry level Cyclocross or Road Bike of similar value. Would also consider a decent FS 26er MTB frameset. Might include some cash for the right bike.

If you’re just interested in purchasing, make a cash offer! All proceeds will go to fund my Fat Bike accessories!

Thanks for looking.