Railyard trail recommendations

Hello! Looking for recommendations on trails to ride at the Railyard in Victoria park. I was there for a walk today and was a little overwhelmed by how many trails there are. I usually ride blue and green trails so no blacks please! Tia.

Trashtalkin, stick em up, cooked, stairway to heaven and slim shady are probably my favorites. Haven’t been on everything there yet but i keep going back to those ones. And of course both jump lines on macabes loop are wicked.

McCabe’s all day

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start at the skills park then go in this order

singletrack surrounding the skills park > pandamonium > stacked > cooked > trash talking > mcabes> treesum > mcready>slim shady>stairway


post up if your looking for a guide someone should be available normally with a bit of warning, there are more trails, hawks great for example but i left out stick em up, hawk, pull up your socks, brads trail, bruces trail, b&b, schooldaze, goat path etc) some of which are quite rough

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It’s always a crapshoot when I go in there. Wish there was an all encompassing arrow system that took someone through everything. By the end of the winter I at least had a workable route. Definitely not complaining about too many trails, though!

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thats a typical group ride route (though we dont normally ride or finish with dive out its rough as hell)

Cool thanks! I think that I managed to find everything today, I just need to put it into a route that makes sense. https://strava.app.link/BSP1YfjjE9

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glad you had a good time, nice times on the trails for riding blind too!
the route you took more less seems on point for a good flow through the park,

you missed cooked which goes part down the hill away from trash talking, stacked and pandemonium run excellent in the other direction and pull up your socks is quite fun as well but the loop trail that was cut in is not marked well yet so its a bit out of the way.

we ride most Wednesday (moderate pace) and Thursday (faster pace) nights as a group as well at 6:15 lights required now obviously.

Thank you for all the recommendations folk! I still haven’t made it out for a ride there yet because life gets in the way but hoping to before the season is over even if I have to be sick cough cough for a day. I’m not a very good rider so hoping to spend some time at the skills park building confidence.