Rash of Bike thefts

Keep an eye on your bikes folks. I’ve seen quite a few reports around the maritimes of bikes being displaced from their rightful owners.

If you know of someone who had their bike stolen put the info and description on this forum and maybe we can all help get a bike back to the rightful owner.

Here’s one to start it off http://moncton.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-bikes-mountain-Giant-Trance-X4-Stolen-from-my-property-REWARD-OFFERED-W0QQAdIdZ503138758

CBC Story (very short) on the use of social media to retrieve or make people aware of bike theft.


Another bike theft in Fredericton. Joshawa lamkey had his Cannondale stolen from his vehicle. Here is a pic.

From PEI,

Hi Folks,
We had a road bike stolen from the Boardwalk Professional Centre yesterday (Tuesday, July 16) between 9-4. It’s a GIANT road bike, not sure of the name, and it’s silver and a bit of blue. It has the tape unraveling on the right handlebar. If you see it let me know!

From Moncton:

Bike enthusiasts of Moncton:
You’ll be pleased to know that the RCMP arrested an alleged bike thief on mountain rd this evening. The highlight being when they put the bike in the trunk and tethered it closed with handcuffs.