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No worries- you would have been waiting a looooong time for me! I couldn’t even find the parking lot so I parked on the road by the Cabin. I won’t do that again- I had to ride by some bee hives. I don’t think they were being used but I didn’t stick around long enough to be sure!! :slight_smile:

Original Post I’m inny inny for some spinny spinny! Got directions for the city folk? :slight_smile:

Take exit 14 on the 101 and turn left into Coldbrook (stop for a double-double). Proceed west and turn right onto Lovett Road at the lights just past Frenchy’s. At the end of Lovett turn left and proceed to next stop sign. Turn Right onto Lakeville Rd. Continue to next stop sign and proceed directly through intersection past Tinker Links. Follow to Burgess Road and proceed up mountain. At the top you will see a large green and white sign designating the Woodville Hiking Trail system. Park

Thanks! What do you think Timmy’s would charge to fill up my camelback? :slight_smile:

Ewwwwww! If you’re planning on filling your Camelbak with coffee, at least hit a quality joint like Just Us! No WONDER Adam got sick!

LOL I think that had more to do with the everything bagel and herb and garlic cream cheese than the coffee!

Hi! Sorry I missed you at the Links! I was lost for an hour!!! I saw your car but didn’t have any paper to leave a note. Next time, I will me you at the Frenchy’s parking lot. :frowning:

Hope you had a great ride!


Oh no! We waited a while and then I figured you weren’t coming, but I checked back once just to be sure and didn’t see your car. Sorry we missed you, Karen!