Recent Video - NL Mountainbiking

This is one of the more scenic spots in and around St. John’s. I take a spill on this one (not one of my normal bounce off into the woods spills) and hurt my wrist - you will see why. Its fine now. I also knocked my rear wheel out of wack - never realized that until after another ride and things were not “right”. This is a fun ride.

I have an upcoming video of Subnet . . . my first ride and I was nowhere near my A game.

I hope you enjoy !


Thanks for sharing that Zuki! Plenty of potential for fun rides of there.

What’s the MTB community like in St Johns? Are there dedicated MTB trails?


Great vid! Love seeing trails from around the Atlantic region. Just goes to show that we have so much to offer without having to travel too far!

My buddy who I rode with all last year said that this year is the most interest since the 1990’s. There are 17 people on our mtb email list and a group or two try to get out every Sunday. But there are dozens of other folks on the trails as well. There is also a growing fatbike community.

Mountain Bike St. John’s -


Glad you enjoyed.