Red Bull Foxhunt and Rampage

Never heard of the Red Bull Foxhunt until today. Sounds like a really neat event. 400 riders (the hounds) get a head start. Gee Atherton, one of the top downhill riders in the world (the fox) chases them down and tries to overtake. The goal of the hounds is to beat Atherton. Not many do. Video link below. The rider with the camera on top of the Red Bull helmet is Gee. The speed at which he overtakes, and some of the lines he uses to pass are impressive! There is some profanity in the music accompanying the video, so you may want or need to turn it down.

I really like the concept. It allows average riders to ride the same course as a top pro rider, and to compete against him, even though the skill and fitness levels may be vastly different.

Also, the Red Bull Rampage - arguably the world’s best freeride mountain bike event - is on this Sunday; link here:

And then a falcon chases Gee?