Rememberance Day Ride - Location Changed due to Rain

We’re heading to the valley again this Remberance Day. We’ll head to the Gorge/P2 etc. I’m aiming for a 10:30am meet time.

We will recognize a moment of silence to remember the efforts and sacrifices of those who have donned the uniform for the betterment of mankind.

We’ll meet at 10:30am at the parking lot on Gladys Porter Drive and head out for an epic ride from there.

More information here:

I’m in for this.

Is this on rain or shine? Looks like there will be some precipitation Sun and a little more on Mon.

hhhhmmm, you ask a good question.

There will be a ride, yes. If the weather is not favourable to the trails the location will be changed and we will ride on trails that are not as affected. Pepperjester will keep an eye out for us for the conditions of the trail and let us know if it’s preferable to ride elsewhere.

It’s almost 1pm and I just got back from a ride of the Gorge and P2. It’s a little damp and slippy over some of the roots but it’s not too bad. It’s raining very lightly right now in Kentville.
Most of the trails have been leaf blown in the last two weeks, so the trails are all clear of most deep leaves and pine needles.

If you have never been to the Gorge make sure your tires are good and meaty.

You coming out riding tomorrow Josh?

Yeah. I’m going to ride some foot cycles in the woods.

Yep, it’s going to be slick out for sure but I think we’ll be ok to ride. If the Gorge ends up being to wet we could swap out to Wolfville it’ll be pretty dry out there and is getting a fresh leaf blowing first thing in the morning.

Got the right tires on! Hope to see everyone tomorrow.

Leaving the city at 9:00-9:15 monday am. If folks want to convoy up or carpool let me know.

The Gorge will be slick, so let’s play at the Wolfville Reservoir Park and some other more apt trails. We’ll meet at Valley Stove and Cycle at the same time and go for a rip.

That was a hoot guys. Thanks all!